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Ever since wilderness and free trade have been talked about, what will happen to things that were initially made to RuneScape gold replace it? Quick history lesson... GE- has been created around a month ahead of the notorious updates to replace free trade. Ancient warriors equipment- was originally made to be similar to statuettes, beacuse the pvp drops were soo bad back thenthey made early warriors equipments that a luck drop too so you had a opportunity to get them and make money (the economy at the time was extremely low)

Statuettes- Introduced with the brand new bounty hunter program, these statuettes gave a hope for good loots and adequate money for pkers. Estimated potential- Introduced with the brand new bounty hunter system, it gave people a feeling of their odds of great loot. Pvp worlds-Were designed to substitute the old bounty hunter, initially had several worlds but then has been cut to very few worlds. Hotspots- Places where loot was'kinder' to the participant.

Clan Wars- Some of the first minigames for f2p, replaced large wilderness fights for clans, use to be huge until jagex fail upgraded it. FFA arenas- Possibly the most futile thing in Runescape, this update came in a bundle that destroyed clan wars forever, it was able to reduce the amount of people there and also make it a general more dull encounter. Do not get me started about the harmful stadium.

Ask assist- Was created after we couldn't trade items to create into different ones; e.g. smithing armour for low levels, air/law/etc rune running. Capped Trading- right ahead, will probably be rendered useless when the updates do proceed. Gravestones- Were created so people couldnt trade out of deaths, and let people regain items. DA championships - Was created to deliver back staking, fails poorly even after the upgrades. Revenants- Made to substitute pkers, people complained because they had been too powerful, but they're pathetic. Overly powerful in f2p though. Proof that Jagex does eliminate content...

Old Bounty Hunter- Was among the first new procedures of pking, a crater appeared from out of distance and happened to crush all the wildy, old pking areas like the big bone, and small bone yard were destroyed; # in your article if you read this far. Pvp worlds- They've reduced pvp worlds over the years to only around two. DA championships - The old one was removed, but replaced by a few shizzlety crap, which likewise fails just as much. Matters that got nullified following the upgrades. Player owned shops- Shop segments of forums, companies use to thrive money making for Old School RS Gold a whole lot of individuals. Pking- Self explanitory. Merchanting- Utilize to exist, pretty much self explanitory. Still possible only crap today. Trading hotspots- Varrock, Falador, all of the initial five worlds were constantly packed in regions for dealers, distinct areas distinct products.

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