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Metacritic user review ia some of the very pessimistic and bi polar reviews you may locate with quite a couple of review bombs. Many keep buying since they're essentially paying a 60/year subscription fee for Ultimate Team/My Team so they can spend extra money on packs. To be honest. A lot of WalMart's didn't even find standard variant. Just Deluxe and MVP rather than many copies at that. It has been really weird how small they're shouting"BUY THE NEW MADDEN" as it comes to Mut 21 coins physical stores in that way. Like, 70+ bucks or nothing. EA doesnt care, they all care is that the sound of their $. It may have a flat 0 metacritic, if it makes hundreds of millions every year thats all that matters to them. I am surprised EA hasn't introduced planned obsolescence however where old Madden games cannot work after the year they're launched. I thought they already did so with nba, thought it was for all the sports games.

They kill servers after 18 months I believe. Which locks you from a huge section of the content since they induce you to be online for anything other than play now to work. Not to mention unskipable 2 -3 minute ads in a $60 game. Sorry about that im not a sports fan. Consumers receive what they paid for cheap Madden nfl 21 coins. The sports name fans did it . Like 2k does using their sport games? You get 18 months of servers, then you need to purchase the new one to keep playing online. (now as enthusiast project Skylords Reborn) Yes, rather than charging nothing for the rosters, they effectively spend a minimal amount of money and charge you 60$ for this.

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By Smarthuiyuan
Added Oct 28



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